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From pastors to leadership team members, we can help you reach the leaders and decision makers of large, influential congregations. more >

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Reach highly-educated, faith-centered, influencial decision makers who are actively engaged in today's issues, trends, and culture. more >

Active and Involved Christians

Reach devoted believers who turn to our resources to grow their faith and then help others do the same. more >

Church Administrators

Reach the key leaders of large churches who make and influence church purchasing decisions. more >

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Discover special advertising opportunities in CTI publications, including advertorials, gift buying guides, and more. more >

Coke’s New Holiday Design Gets Canned Early

Being festive — it’s a great marketing strategy this time of year, right? Sure it is…but every once and a while it can backfire. Just ask Coca-Cola, whose recent holiday can debacle has them feeling more like Scrooge this holiday season.  If you haven’t already spotted the shiny new Coke cans, it may be too [...]

How QR Codes are Making a Difference this Holiday Season

If you think you’re noticing a lot of QR codes this holiday season, you’re not the only one. QR (or “quick response”) codes have been generating a lot of buzz in the retail industry, and marketers are starting to realize how they can be used to encourage consumer interaction. The great thing about a QR [...]

Advertiser Spotlight – Tyndale House Publishers

Every month, we take a look at our top-performing promotional campaigns and try to understand why they did so well. This month, we’d like to highlight a great e-blast from Tyndale House Publishers. This campaign was sent as a dedicated email to our Christian Bible Studies list.

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